Malin has written the book Becoming a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant: Learn to deliver enterprise marketing solutions and insights to exponentially grow your business.

The book is available on Amazon to buy for Kindle or as a paperback.

Marketing is one of the most powerful entities in the modern world with the potential to make or break a business. The mighty Microsoft Dynamics 356 Marketing tool offers a wide range of marketing automation tools, understanding which is an essential skill for a successful marketer.
This in-depth guide to the ins and outs of Dynamics 365 Marketing will help you grasp all the information you need to implement and use the system the right way.
Starting with the setup and configuration of your Dynamics 365 Marketing instance, you’ll explore fundamental concepts, such as leads, accounts, and contacts, and the creation and administration of segments and lists.
Once you’ve grasped these basic concepts, you’ll advance to the core of the book. From the email editor to outbound and real-time customer journeys and from the event module to Customer Voice, you’ll develop a solid understanding of the fundamental topics crucial for anyone who wants to be a Dynamics 365 Marketing functional consultant.

The 10 chapters of the book:

  1. The Basic Configuration of Dynamics 365 Marketing
  2. Managing Leads, Accounts, and Contacts
  3. What Are Segments and Lists?
  4. Managing Marketing Forms, Pages, and Websites
  5. Creating Marketing Emails
  6. Outbound Customer Journeys
  7. Real-Time Marketing Journeys
  8. Managing Events
  9. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
  10. Power Platform

Malin has gained extensive knowledge within the field of marketing and is an experienced consultant and trainer within the system. Get in touch with me to learn how I can help your company get to know Dynamics 365 Marketing better or help you utilise your existing solution in a better way.

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